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Star Tom Hardy recently confirmed that the Venom movie he’s starring in will be based on the Lethal Protector miniseries from the ‘90s in which longtime Spider-Man villain Venom—the Eddie Brock flavor, for people who know the different Venoms—briefly moves to San Francisco and becomes an anti-hero. Now, we know one familiar face he might be bumping into while he’s there, with The Hollywood Reporter revealing that Woody Harrelson is in talks for an “undisclosed role” in the Spider-Man spin-off.

Assuming he does take the job, Harrelson will be reuniting with his Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer, who is also directing the Venom movie. As for who he might be playing, Harrelson is probably too old to play main villain Carnage. The original story involves the father of someone killed by Venom hiring mercenaries to get revenge, though, so that could be Harrelson’s role. Or, barring that, maybe he’ll just be some chill dude who likes to spread good vibes.


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