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Yep, there's an Arrested Development character hidden in Avengers: Infinity War

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There’s been a strong belief—buoyed by trailer footage that all but confirmed it last year—that Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo hid a reference to their sitcom past inside their massive superhero studio blockbuster. (They did something very similar with Captain America: Civil War.) Now, the movie’s credits have formally confirmed it, with eagle-eyed fans noticing that the film’s producers thanked the rights holders for Arrested Development—which the Russo brothers both directed several episodes of, back in the pre-glove-based-punch-fight movie portions of their career—for allowing them to include one of the show’s characters in their film.

But which beloved character from the cult Fox-turned-Netflix hit made it into The Big Show? Frightened Inmate #2? Blue Man Group understudy? Felydia Featherbottom? In a way, you’re all right, friends, because Dr. Tobias Fünke somehow managed to get himself stuck in space. Specifically, someone looking very much like David Cross’ character—painted blue, of course—appears as part of the Collector’s collection in the newly opened film, suggesting that Never-nudes may be an even rarer and more priceless commodity than we once thought.


It might be a little hard to catch a glimpse of Tobias in the film itself—there is a lot going on in this one—but people caught some pretty clear pictures of him in the movie’s trailers a few months back. (Also, the film’s screenwriter confirmed to EW this week that Tobias is there, although it’s not actually Cross in the role.) Still we’re happy to have the credits to confirm that this wasn’t some other blue weirdo with a mustache and jean shorts hanging around the background of the film.


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