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Zach Braff Makes His Employee Of The Month

Last September, with two of the most annoying movies ever made (The Last Kiss and Employee Of The Month) beating down on the pop cultural landscape like a pair of burning red suns, I came to the realization that Dane Cook and Zach Braff are essentially two halves of the same person: an endlessly posturing Frankenstein's monster of hair gel (Cook), emotional feelingness (Braff), and fart jokes (both). This theory was based on the fact that both Braff and Cook play the same characters over and over again (Braff plays immature almost-30-year-olds who enjoy whiny music and can't seem to move forward as adults or make decisions, while Dane Cook plays Dane Cook), and that they are both all about "sharing" with their fans through the Internet. Of course, there are differences between the two–Cook is a comedian, while Braff has a face made out of feelings–but these differences only lend credence to the theory that they are the same person: Cook is "Comedy," while Braff is "Tragedy." But lately it seems that Braff is eager to swap his pensively staring tragedy mask for Cook's wildly gesticulating comedy one. In fact, he's even made his own version of Employee Of The Month but this time it's for almost-30-year-olds, set in an advertising agency, and features Jason Bateman's wheelchair antics instead of Jessica Simpson's prosthetic ears: [youtube:VpnnZ3LvN-0] Ugh. I can't wait for Dane Cook's take on The Last Kiss. I bet he's practicing his "I'm having a emotional conundrum involving relationships and immaturity" face in the mirror in between Danecasts RIGHT NOW.


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