I was especially happy to hear that NBC decided to renew 30 Rock for a second season today for two reasons:

1. I think 30 Rock is a very funny show, and

2. It gives me an excuse to post this very old video of Tina Fey comically eviscerating Paris Hilton on Howard Stern's Sirius show:

What I love most about this interview is that it confirms what I've long believed: how a celebrity seems in the public eye is actually how they are in private. Paris Hilton seems like a vapid, self-absorbed, humorless jerk in public, and so she is a vapid, self-absorbed, humorless jerk around the SNL writers.

The only thing more satisfying than the Paris story would be learning that when Matthew McConaughey hosted SNL he played bongos on set all the time, and wore a sarong, do-rag, and no shirt to every rehearsal–cause you know that's exactly what he would do.