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After the progression of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt’s relationship on Parks And Recreation from professionally adversarial to adorably flirty to lovably married, it’s understandably difficult to watch Amy Poehler and Adam Scott together in any other context. (Hart To Hart credits recreations notwithstanding.) So seeing Scott approach Poehler as his stepmother in the trailer for A.C.O.D. definitely gives off some creepy vibes —even if they both seem funny as always. In the Sundance selection from first-time director Stu Zicherman, Scott stars as the adult son of divorced parents (Catherine O’Hara, Richard Jenkins) who are still at odds decades after splitting up. While preparing for his younger brother’s wedding (Clark Duke), Scott discovers he was part of a study on how divorce affects children, then gets enlisted by the researcher (Jane Lynch) for a follow-up that reopens old wounds. The rest of the cast features Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jessica Alba, and Adam Pally. A.C.O.D. opens in October.


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