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Over the weekend, we reported that a New York Times story on Donald Trump’s decision to endorse Republican Senate candidate (and accused child molester) Roy Moore included a note that he has been telling people that the famous “grab them by the pussy” Access Hollywood tape was fake, despite the fact that he had already admitted it was real. Now, another New York Times story says that Access Hollywood’s Natalie Morales has rejected Trump’s claim, saying “the tape is very real.” Also, even though he dismissed it last year as “locker room talk,” Morales points out that Trump still “said every one of those words.”

Trump’s personal facts wizard Sarah Huckabee Sanders also addressed her boss’ apparent rejection of reality, saying that hadn’t actually “changed his position” on the tape, and if anything he was questioning “the media’s reporting on that accuracy.” That’s some typical Sarah Huckabee Sanders nonsense, but it seems like she’s suggesting that Trump knows the tape is real, but the people who reported on it being real might be wrong when they say it’s real. So yeah, total nonsense.


Anyway, we definitely know that the Access Hollywood tape is real (which we also knew last year), but we’re still no closer to confirming the existence of a much more interesting Trump recording: the pee tape. That one is probably real as well, but it would be nice to get some more definitive information.

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