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Adam Scott to guest star on Rashida Jones’ new cop show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rashida Jones and Adam Scott, former co-stars on Parks And Recreation, will be playing off each other’s raised eyebrows once again on TBS’s Angie Tribeca. Entertainment Weekly reports that Scott will guest star on an episode of the Steve-and-Nancy-Carell-created show, which stars Jones as the titular LAPD detective who heads up the “Really Heinous Crimes Unit.”

Scott will play a doctor who Tribeca meets while visiting the hospital to check on her partner. Whether Scott figures into a particularly heinous crime investigation is still unclear, but if Angie Tribeca is anything like the cop shows it’s parodying, the biggest guest star is probably the perpetrator. (And Scott has practice being a bad guy.) Meanwhile, Jones’ expected appearance in the final season of Parks And Recreation probably won’t be as surprising. It would just be too weird if Ann Perkins turned out to be a serial killer.