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A mere 48 hours after it stopped pretending it wouldn’t pick up the brand extension of its parent company’s billion-dollar powerhouse, ABC released this promo for Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., so everyone could finally get a 30-second taste of Joss Whedon’s small-screen Avengers spinoff. As you can see, the show will find Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson getting his reward for being maybe, kinda-not-really killed by driving these weekly adventures (as well as a really cool car). There'll be time for meeting the rest of the agents later, as we get closer to the show’s fall debut, but this should give you just enough to debate whether J. August Richards is playing Luke Cage, what with his apparent super-strength and all. Ditto whether every episode will feature a scene where someone “just missed” Thor in the breakroom.