Hey you guys, I just got the following email from my home slices over at Allhiphop.com:

"C&C; Music Factory's Freedom Williams and noted producer/pioneering New York rapper Duane "Spyder D" Hughes have joined forces to create Atlanta Krunk Basketball, LLC, a new Continental Basketball Association (CBA) franchise. Originally called The Charlotte Krunk, the team was forced to move when other teams in the American Basketball League division shut down and canceled numerous games. The Atlanta Krunk's inclusion in the CBA brings a Georgia team to the league for the first time since 1988, when Tico Brown, the CBA's all-time scoring king played for the Savannah Spirits. "We at the Atlanta Krunk organization, along with the city of Atlanta, are ecstatic about the possibilities of merging music and sports to bring the consumer a unique experience in sight and sound," said Williams."

Now I know what you're probably thinking: OMG! That guy from C+C Music Factory who isn't C, the other C or the fat woman who did all the singing but was covered by a tarp in all the videos is still around? And he has his own basketball team? And they're called The Krunk? WTF?!!!

Now I'm not saying that naming a team The Atlanta Krunk is not the smartest move in the world. And I certainly don't want to question the wisdom or long-range thinking of the Continental Basketball Association or the guy from C+C Music Factory who kinda looked and sounded like Ice-T if Ice-T were to become a male stripper or jazzercise instructor

But seriously, folks, hasn't history taught us anything? Naming teams after ephemeral musical trends has proven disastrous before. Am I the only one who remembers when the Oakland Please Hammer Don't Hurt Ems faced off against Washington Jiggies in the Teddy Riley New Jack Swing Forever CBA championship game? That was the lowest-rated CBA championship game ever, not including when Master P's "Make Em Say Uhhhhhhh: The Basketball Team" faced off against E-40's Shizzle 4 Dizzle Baskizetball Wiznarriors.

Honestly, folks, am I the only one who finds this whole thing ridiculous on about seventeen million different levels? And when has hip hop ever been about sketchy hustlers doing ridiculous things?