Even though the writers' strike is dragging on–it's depression with picket signs now–television has thus far only been hobbled, not killed. In fact, some television still exists. How do I know? The plentiful, plentiful ads.

Below you'll find some ads for writer-free shows, complete with alternate eye-catching taglines.

Bravo's Project Runway 4

Actual Tagline: "It's sew time."

Alternate Tagline: "Like fashion, button TV. See what we did there?"

Alternate Tagline 2: "You're either in or you're tethered to a giant spool of thread being pulled around by a 50-foot-tall German model."

Discovery Channel's Man Vs. Wild


Actual Tagline:"It's Bear's world. Wanna play?"

Alternate Tagline: "Lions, and Tigers, and a dude named Bear who drinks his own urine for "educational" purposes. Oh my."

Alternate Tagline 2: "Learn how to survive in the harshest of conditions, in the extremest of climates, while being trailed by the most rugged of camera crews. Wanna watch?"

The American Music Awards


Actual Tagline: "The ultimate playlist takes the stage."

Alternate Tagline: "MP3s come to life! Holy shit, run! Oh wait, nevermind. It's just Beyoncé."

Alternate Tagline 2: "'Big Girls Don't Cry' while using their Maroon 5 "Umbrella" on the Rascal Flatts of Daughtry! What? Yes."

The Tyra Banks Show

Actual Tagline: "Conversationista. Gabologist. Intalksicating. Glamunicator."

Alternate Tagline: "Do you like incoherence? Watch Tyra."

Alternate Tagline 2: "Crazypants Insaneface turns the Relatableosity up to Gorgeoustupid levels."