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American Movie’s Mark Borchardt directed a gory new music video

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mark Borchardt, subject of the inspiring, funny, essential 1999 documentary American Movie, hasn’t exactly been busy as a filmmaker since the movie came out. He’s still working on Northwestern and Scare Me, his two long-gestating feature projects. But the Coven director brought his low-budget gore skills to a new video by Milwaukee band Tapebenders (who were known until recently as Elusive Parallelograms, and whose new album, Chasing Ghosts, is out August 26). In this awfully simple setup, the band members go crazy and murder each other. Watch it below. In other Borchardt news, he’s got a new web series, Out And About, in production, and he’s got a part in the upcoming Snap Shot, which is being directed by Borchardt’s fellow Milwaukeean Frankie Latina, stars Danny Trejo, and was written by Trejo’s son, Gilbert. (In a pretty awesome Kickstarter prize for that film, you could pledge $5000 to be murdered onscreen by Danny Trejo—several people did it. The teaser video for that campaign is worth watching as well.)