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American Vandal recruits a couple of fresh-faced young dicks for season 2

Tope (l) and Gregg (r)
Photo: Ethan Miller/Jesse Grant (Getty Images)

The first season of Netflix’s American Vandal is a masterpiece of deadpan comedy, not least because it mimics the structure of a true-crime documentary so precisely, you actually find yourself getting sucked in to the mystery of who spray-painted dicks all over the faculty parking lot of Hanover High. The show is currently preparing its second season, which will see the return of co-creators Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda and showrunner Dan Lagana, alongside a new cast of kids at a new high school.

Now, Deadline reports that the series has found its leads for season two: Travis Tope, newly freed from his role as Tim Allen’s daughter’s boyfriend on Last Man Standing, will play Ethan, a “fedora-wearing, pocket-watch carrying” high school junior. Melvin Gregg, a former Vine star currently playing a “charming social-media influencer” on Lifetime’s UnREAL, will take on the role of DeMarcus, a basketball star at their exclusive private school.


Notably, neither the characters of DeMarcus nor Ethan appear in the teaser for season two Netflix posted at the end of October. But it did feature the voice of Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez), the teenage documentarian whose obsessive investigation nearly got him kicked out of school in American Vandal season one. Did he finally go to far in the interim, forcing him to transfer to an exclusive private school with a whole new cast of characters/suspects? Or is Peter’s voiceover a red herring, meant to deflect attention away from Ethan while he films his documentary? Ethan does carry a pocket watch, which is just the kind of thing a fucking A/V nerd would do. To Reddit!

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