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Amy Smart and David Koechner sign on to Rashida Jones’ TBS sitcom

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Angie Tribeca, the Rashida Jones-anchored sitcom created by Steve Carell and wife Nancy Walls, has added two stars to its cast. Amy Smart will play a “high-end call girl” and David Koechner will be the police commissioner in a satire that follows Jones’ character, head of the LAPD’s “Really Heinous Crimes Unit,” as she solves crimes, gets into police-related high jinks, and repeatedly makes viewers wonder why this episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn’t have Andy Samberg in it.

Smart and Koechner (a great name for a buddy cop duo if we’ve ever heard one) join a growing list of actors participating in Tribeca. Jere Burns, Deon Cole, and Andree Vermeulen are regulars, and Adam Scott will guest star as a doctor that Jones’ Angie Tribeca meets while visiting the hospital to check on her partner. Add Alfred Molina, Lisa Kudrow, and Gary Cole into the pilot, as well as Jones’ actual parents as her on-screen parents, and Angie Tribeca starts to sound like every TV comedy fan’s dream. The show is scheduled to debut this summer on TBS, just in time for Ann Perkins to pop back into Parks And Recreation for one last awkward laugh before she dons a police cap and suddenly rockets to the high end of the self-esteem spectrum.