So how Cheryl survived—or was revived—so she could appear on the sequel TV series is a mystery. Of course, though, this is the same franchise that has featured three different Lindas, and has Ash actually return to the same cabin where all of his friends were murdered with a new girlfriend, also named Linda. (“If any of you are wondering if Ash would be stupid enough to go back to that cabin,” Campbell says on the Evil Dead 2 DVD commentary, “he is.”)


Sandweiss has been a longtime associate of Raimi and the gang, having appeared in the original short film Within The Woods, which was shot on a budget estimated to be around $1,600 and which Raimi shopped around to attorneys and local businesses around Michigan in order to raise $90,000 towards the production of the original “ultimate experience in grueling terror,” The Evil Dead.

What does Ash vs. Evil Dead have in store for Sandweiss this time around? It’ll probably be gruesome, gory, and maybe a little bit funny, but nowhere near as bad as the abuse the original Linda, Betsy Baker, took at the hands of that Peter Pan kid in those Geico commercials:

Ash Vs. Evil Dead returns to Starz this October.