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Andy Samberg is making a Comedy Central cartoon about how cool archaeologists are

Mitra Jouhari, Tim Robinson, Dale Soules, Guz Khan, Tim Meadows, and Melissa Fumero will star in the series

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Andy Samberg
Andy Samberg
Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Andy Samberg is getting a bunch of his old friends together for Digman!, a show that—despite the title—is not about digital monsters that digivolve into champions. The animated series is actually set in a world where archaeologists are treated like “the coolest people on the planet,” with the creators (Samberg and Neil Campbell, who you may know as Maxwell Keeper, The Time Keeper) saying in a press release that it’s all about reflecting their “childhood dreams” of thinking that archaeologists are “badass, adventure-seeking rock stars.” That’s a hyper-specific kind of wish-fulfillment for Samberg and Campbell, because we’re not sure if “archaeologists are cool” is a universal assumption, but the people involved here have earned a chance to nerd out on archaeology. You’d do the same if somebody gave you a TV show.

Samberg will play the main character, Rip Digman, and the voice cast will also include Mitra Jouhari, Tim Robinson, Dale Soules, Guz Khan, Melissa Fumero, and Tim Meadows (some of them were on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and/or Saturday Night Live!). Campbell, who was also a producer and writer on Nine-Nine, will serve as showrunner.


Though it may not have been totally clear until this point, the aforementioned press release does say this will be an “adult animated series” and not a Saturday morning cartoon for kids (we’re really hung up on the Digimon thing). The series is produced by Paramount Media Networks and MTV Entertainment, but it will apparently air on Comedy Central “early next year.”

The press release also makes a point to highlight Paramount/MTV/Comedy Central’s existing high-profile animated offerings, including the Beavis & Butt-Head revival, the Daria sequel movie, and South Park—which can’t be revived until it goes off the air, which will never happen.