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Angelo Badalamenti makes sure new Twin Peaks sounds like old Twin Peaks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sure, you can have your Sherilyn Fenns and your Sheryl Lees, but short of Twin Peaks creators David Lynch and Mark Frost and leading man Kyle MacLachlan, there’s only one other player necessary to make sure the series’ Showtime revival keeps the fish in the percolator: Composer Angelo Badalamenti. Fortunately, TV Line has confirmed that Badalamenti is signed on to score the new Twin Peaks, saving Lynch and Frost the embarrassment of timing their sequel series to a CD copy of Soundtrack From Twin Peaks. (Or worse: Waiting around for the vinyl reissue from Death Waltz/Mondo to come back from the pressing plant.)

Badalamenti’s involvement is the latest assurance that the Showtime Twin Peaks will continue in the spirit of the original Twin Peaks—assurances like David Lynch’s decision to stick with the project. With Badalamenti onboard, the show’s noir-tinged, “too dreamy” atmosphere should be firmly in place, along with the most foreboding synthesizer pattern in all of TV. Hopefully left out in the woods for Windom Earle and/or the owls to take care of: The dewy singer-songwriter stylings of motorcycle-riding hunk James Hurley.