No longer a mere dream in your heart or a guest star casting announcement on your news feed, here’s the trailer for Arrested Development’s fourth season. Or, if you are among those wary skeptics, perhaps the entire fourth season, weighing in at just over 90 seconds. You knew it! For everyone else who’s accepted the idea that this is really happening, it’s the appropriately soundtracked final countdown to May 26, and a sneak peek at what the Bluth family will be up to this time. There’s Michael, still getting burned despite knowing better. There’s Lindsay and Tobias, still together for some reason. There’s George Michael and Maeby, still awkwardly maturing as they head off to college, cool Music posters in tow. There’s Buster, still hopped up on juice boxes. There’s Kitty, the staircar, the visual puns and the phrasing. There’s Gene Parmesan, disguised as a giant ostrich. They're here and suddenly it’s all happening so fast.