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At long last, a music video for Weird Al’s Hamilton polka

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It’s been nearly five years since Hamilton opened on Broadway, and yet somehow, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s unlikely juggernaut continues to grow in influence. With the release of a filmed version of the production as performed by the show’s original cast, it’s now available to anyone and everyone (well, anyone and everyone with a Disney+ subscription). That includes one Alfred Matthew Yankovic, balladeer and master of the song parody, who seems to have spent some quality time with the film and his copy of iMovie or something this past weekend.


Behold: “The Hamilton Polka,” as seemingly sung (visually, that is) by the original cast of Hamilton.

We should note that while this video is new, the song itself isn’t—Yankovic released it back in 2018 as one of Hamilton’s “Hamildrops,” a series of covers of, originals inspired by, and tracks cut from the score for Hamilton. Since then, a video that’s just a graphic of an accordion behind the Hamilton logo has racked up nearly 4 million views on YouTube.

Here’s Miranda hearing “The Hamilton Polka” for the first time, a career-high that will surely top even his inevitable EGOT. Notable vents in the life of Lin-Manuel Miranda, ranked by probable levels of joy: 1. birth of kids, 2. wedding, 3. the first time he ever heard Weird Al’s Hamilton cover, 4. to-be-determined date in the future when he picks up an Oscar and completes the set, 5. hanging out with Dick Van Dyke on the set of a Mary Poppins movie, 6. everything else.

Yankovic, as you might be able to tell from the photo at the top of this article, is a L-M-M fan. Here’s the text accompanying the Hamilton video on YouTube:

Here’s a video for “The Hamilton Polka” that I put together using clips from the new “Hamilton” movie (which is streaming right now on Disney+)! Huge thanks to Lin-Manuel, Tommy Kail, and the rest of my Ham pals for creating the best thing ever.

Please enjoy, particularly the bit when it looks like Daveed Diggs is doing a little oom-pah dance during “Guns And Ships.”

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