Aubrey Plaza says she “blew” an audition for Wes Craven’s Scream sequel

"I went full method, and it was bad," Aubrey Plaza recalls of the early career audition. "Really bad idea."

Aubrey Plaza says she “blew” an audition for Wes Craven’s Scream sequel
Aubrey Plaza Photo: Phillip Faraone

It happens to the best of the best: even Aubrey Plaza whiffed a couple of castings back in the day. In a new interview with Hits Radio’s Olivia Marks, Plaza reveals that she had more than a few painful auditions in her early career—but the one she really “blew” was for Wes Craven.

“One of the earlier auditions I had was for Wes Craven, for the Scream remake or something,” Plaza recalls. “And they had told me, you’re going into audition to play a character that you eventually find out is the killer. So I took that really literally and I kind of was thinking, alright, I’m gonna dress like the killer.”

Needless to say, Plaza’s spin on the look was a bit different from her competition. According to Plaza, she went into the audition looking “terrible,” while her peers leaned into a look better described as “glamorous.”

“I went in and I looked terrible, I was like really frumpy and my hair… ‘cause I thought like, I’m a murderer!” Plaza shares. “They all looked great, and I just looked insane.”

After auditioning for the part (which Plaza assures she didn’t come close to getting), Plaza says the casting team had a few small notes for her. Namely, she recalls them bluntly sharing that her whole “murderer” get-up didn’t really lend to the fact that the character was supposed to be in disguise.

“They were like, the whole point was that we’re not supposed to know that you were the killer, you pretty much just look like a murderer right away,” Plaza recalls. “Anyway, I blew that one… didn’t make it very far.”

She concludes: “I went full method, and it was bad. Really bad idea.” Plaza certainly had to learn that lesson the hard way—but hey, at least she’ll never make her very own Morbius now.

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