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A new survey has found that Avril Lavigne is dangerous to internet denizens, even if you haven’t been cracking jokes about her ex-husband or Nickleback lately. Anti-virus company McAfee released its annual list of the most dangerous celebrity search terms today, and found that the Canadian punk-popper is the most likely famous person to leave your computer with a big batch of malware and viruses if you search for her online.

Apparently, all your hot “Avril Lavigne” searches—“Avril Lavigne ‘Dolphins’ lyrics,” “Avril Lavigne free MP3 downloads,” “Did Avril Lavigne die and get replaced by an evil Illuminati clone”—have a 14.5 percent likelihood of leading to a dangerous site. (22.5 percent for that MP3 query.) Lavigne rose from second place on the list last year, and comes in just ahead of newcomer Bruno Mars. Carly Rae Jepsen, Zayn Malik, and Sean Combs also populate the list, suggesting that if they all got together for a supergroup, and then released an album as a free download, it could potentially make the entire internet explode. (Do it guys. Use your powers for good.)


[via Billboard]

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