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Beauty & The Geek: It's Game Time

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Yay. Usually around this time on Beauty and the Geek the beauties and geeks start to bond, and even though it can be predictable, it's no less entertaining and heartwarming.

Fortunately, tonight, the bonding coincided with some interesting plot twists to add up to a pretty entertaining episode of BATG. First, the beauties and geeks were asked to send one team member over to the other side. Not knowing what the benefits or drawbacks of this would be, the geeks sent Chris, who has already started setting himself apart as a team leader, and the girls Jillian, who hadn't really defined herself up at all. Then the teams learned that in the next challenge, either Chris or Jillian would have to go home, depending on which team lost.

The two teams battled in a game of flag football that turned out to be a better game than many NFL matches (or at least was edited the look that way.) The game was tense, the players taking it seriously, or even too seriously. The nice thing, too, was that Chris previously had said that he'd have to degrade either himself or his team to win, and it seemed like he had to do neither. And when Matt got injured, everybody cried.

Jillian seemed genuinely sad to go home, but her elimination led to another juicy twist. Now, finally, the game returned to Beauty AND the Geek format, not "Beauty vs. Geek," with the girls choosing their teammates. It seemed like they chose in the spirit of the game, picking partners who they figured had the most to teach/learn, unlike Cara, who cried because she wanted to be paired up with her best pal "Greggy."

To top it all off, we were left with a cliffhanger! Either Joe or Jonathan will be sent home sans partner. I personally think it should be Joe, not to punish him for his overbearing behavior during the football game, but because Jonathan seems like he has so much more to gain. Plus, you can tell he's going to look really cute come makeover time.

Grade: A-

Stray observations:

—I think Tommy should have been eliminated. A.) His geekiness doesn't seem to inhibit him in any way and B.) Not only is he an idiot for declaring that he will date Amber after the show is over, he kind of defeated the whole point of the game by wanting to be with "a supermodel", which I think is what he called Amber more than actually using her real name.

—"You don't grab boobs to get your way!" What planet have YOU been living on, sister?

—When Matt went to the hospital, did the beauties play with one less player?

—I am probably revealing my own inner geek here but I think I have a slight crush on Chris because he vaguely reminds me of Richard E. Grant in Withnail and I.