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Because you demanded it, here’s the Turner And Hooch trailer

Disney+’s Turner And Hooch series premieres on July 21

Josh Peck and Hooch
Josh Peck and Hooch
Photo: Disney

Copaganda is getting a new best friend. And that friend is Hooch, from Tom Hanks’ cable classic Turner & Hooch—well, it’s apparently a Hooch reincarnate type of deal. In Disney+’s Turner & Hooch, Josh Peck takes over for Hanks (whose character is dead, according to the trailer, so don’t ask about a cameo) as Sam, a dopey police officer, trying to make detective and who has no room in his life for a dog. That is, until, yup, a woman drops a dog off at his front door.


Look, there’s no sense in dunking on the Turner & Hooch trailer all day. Does it look silly? Yes. Is it a weird moment to be dumping a Turner & Hooch show on us? You bet ya. Will we watch it? Ugh, probably. It’s on, isn’t it? Thankfully, the trailer seems like it’s not skimping on the action because it features a real Dominic Toretto-style car flip that seemingly has no place in the Turner & Hooch series, but it’s a welcome addition.

Undoubtedly, the strangest part of this series is the revelation that Tom Hanks’ character from the original movie has died. They left this detail out of the synopsis (probably because it’s too sad to type):

When an ambitious, buttoned-up US Marshal inherits a big unruly dog, he soon realizes the dog he didn’t want may be the partner he needs. “Turner & Hooch” stars Josh Peck as Scott Turner, son of Detective Scott Turner portrayed by Tom Hanks in the 1989 film of the same name.

If Disney can kill Hanks’ character from Turner & Hooch off, who’s protecting his other characters? Should we be concerned that a Big reboot will begin with Josh’s off-screen death? And what of a new Bosom Buddies? You know what, it’s probably best not think about this.

Turner & Hooch will debut on Disney+ on July 21.