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Blame Justin Timberlake

From Fashion Rocks (which is a lie and apparently also a magazine):

"It's funny, I keep hearing Ashton Kutcher say how he was responsible for trucker caps," says Justin Timberlake, 27, in the cover story for Fashion Rocks, a magazine supplement hitting stands with Vanity Fair on Friday.

Timberlake maintains that he and best friend Trace Ayala – with whom he launched the William Rast denim line in 2005 – "were wearing them when we were seventeen."


Normally it's rather brave, if not morally sound for a person to step up and accept blame and punishment for a crime (i.e. the meshy scourge of trucker hats) they committed, especially when another person has been wrongfully accused of that crime. But, here, it seems Timberlake is motivated not by a desire to do the right thing, but by pride, selfishness, and general unmitigated assholery.

You and your best friend were wearing trucker hats when you were 17, Justin? That's like saying you were the first person in the world to have herpes, but fine. If you're going to go out of your way to claim credit for a thing that no one should want to claim credit for, you might as well go all out with the hyperbole. "I've been wearing trucker hats since the third grade. Actually, wait. Scratch that. You know what? A trucker hat was the first thing I ever wore. My mom actually gave birth to me on a pile of trucker hats, and I was conceived through a trucker hat that my parents tried to use as birth control—so, in a way I kinda am a trucker hat. Like, yeah. I basically own that trend."

Then again, maybe I'm not being fair here. After all, this quote could be taken completely out of context. We have no idea what the reporter said to Timberlake in order to prompt such an asinine claim. For all we know the reporter could have said, "Is there any aesthetic horror you'd like to randomly take credit for? Hypercolor? Bubble dresses? Cleft palates? Trucker caps, maybe?" And Justin merely obliged him/her. Or the reporter could have simply told Timberlake, "Be a weird egomaniac about something. Go ahead. It could be anything, just be a total jerk about it."

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