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Bob Weinstein says the Weinstein Co. isn't going anywhere, and also have you heard about Paddington 2?

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Bob Weinstein would like you to know that everything is just fine at the Weinstein Co. right now, thanks, and that nothing is on fire or falling apart or getting broken up to be sold. Because, sure, his brother and co-founder Harvey Weinstein was fired last week, over decades worth of allegations of sexual harassment and assault against women in the industry. And sure, dozens of celebrities have come out against Weinstein and the company over the last few days, thanks in part to revelations about contract language that suggests the company knew about and was willing to condone his brother’s behavior for years, as long as he paid them penalties for each incident. And sure, several members of the company’s own board have now suggested that the “Weinstein” brand is irrevocably tainted, and that it might be a good idea to just sell off the company’s assets and get out while the getting’s good. But hey, did you know that Paddington 2 is coming out next year?

This is per Variety, which reports on a statement released today by the younger Weinstein brother, in which he attempts to blithely push past the corporate tire fire burning all around him with an assertion that “Business is continuing as usual as the company moves ahead,” so can we please stop talking about all this systemic, destructive sexism, and focus on a cute CGI bear instead? “The first Paddington grossed over $75 million and we expect even greater success for Paddington 2,” Weinstein noted over the rising screams, because nothing says “Let’s have fun with this bumbling British bruin” like multiple women coming forward to accuse your company’s former leader of rape. “Test screening scores are through the roof.”

Recent days have seen a widespread industry distancing from TWC, with people like In The Heights creators Quiara Alegría Hudes and Lin-Manuel Miranda asking for Weinstein to return the film rights to their Tony-winning musical. (Just a few minutes ago, Tara Wood, director of the upcoming Quentin Tarantino documentary 21 Years, released a statement asking the company to drop its distribution deal for her film.) But hey, fuck it: Did you know Polaroid is coming out soon? That’s exciting, right? The War With Grandpa, too. Everything is fine.

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