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Butt-centric erotica master Chuck Tingle buys GovernorAbbott.com to troll buttheaded Texan hatemonger

Prolific erotica author Chuck Tingle bought the domain and turned it into a charity resource

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Massive loser glares in the general direction of someone who isn’t just like him.
Massive loser glares in the general direction of someone who isn’t just like him.
Photo: Brandon Bell (Getty Images)

On Wednesday, Texas governor/lifelong scumbag Greg Abbott directed state authorities to begin a cruel campaign aimed at making the lives of trans children incredibly difficult. Abbott’s letter classifies gender-affirming medical care as “child abuse” and states that parents, professionals (like teachers, doctors, and nurses), and “members of the general public” who don’t “report such child abuse” could be criminally penalized.

Sometime between now and then, the world’s most prolific butt-focused erotica author, Chuck Tingle, decided to buy “GovernorAbbott.com” in response and use the previously unclaimed URL to both troll the sentient pustule Abbott and direct visitors to charities opposed to the inhumanity he’s enacting.


Tingle, author of classic works such as Gay T-Rex Law Firm: Executive Boner, Bigfoot Pirates Haunt My Balls, This American Butt Hosted By Ira Ass, and There’s a Bitcoin In My Butt And He Is Handsome, has decorated his Abbot website with an image of the governor weeping oil in front of a city being struck by meteors. Attributed to “Gorg Abbott,” a header quote reads: “Do you celebrate hate? I do too!”

It continues:

“Do you like saying you’re for small government then [sic] building a hate based platform around exerting power over other people whose lives are none of your business? I do too!

Do you claim to care about your community but waste funds on border wall projects that statistically don’t work and are ethically abhorrent? I do too!

Have you stared into the cosmic abyss and heard the moans of a thousand collapsing stars, shaking and drooling as time stretches into an endless gaping maw? Shal T’Chull Suggahall!”


Beneath these lines, Tingle tells readers that if they’re “questioning the leadership of someone so committed to hatred,” they should “consider donating to these charities instead” and links to the Transgender Law Center, Trans Lifeline, and Sylvia Rivera Law Project websites.

This isn’t Tingle’s first attempt to alleviate terrible situations with the power of his butt-pounding literary celebrity. In early 2017, he donated all profits from one of his Trump-inspired books to the ACLU and, in 2020, made his COVID-themed work free, enlivening the pandemic by providing ready access to books like the very timely Not Pounded By Anything While I Practice Responsible Social Distancing.

Visit GovernorAbbott.com to see Tingle’s site for yourself and consider supporting the charities listed at the bottom of the page.

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