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Chuck Tingle pounds the ACLU in the butt with donations

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Although it may not be immediately obvious, behind such titles as Helicopter Man Pounds Billionaire Dinosaur Ass and Bigfoot Settlers Claim My Butthole, erotica author Chuck Tingle—who sells his self-published “tinglers” on Amazon and may or may not be a fortysomething autistic man living in Montana—is a sensitive soul. His message to his followers is that “love is real to all who kiss,” and that “hard bucks” and “lady bucks” alike should come together to fight the “devils” who want to divide humankind. Here’s what he wrote on Facebook on Election Day:

With this in mind, then, it’s not terribly surprising that Tingle is no fan of Donald Trump—or, as he calls him, “Tromp.” Tingle encouraged his fans to go protest Trump’s immigration ban over the weekend, writing, “dear BIG APPLE BUCKS there are buckaroos trapped in The Void at airport name of JFK please help them if you can! go trot with love!” And now he’s donating proceeds from his new e-book, Redacted In The Butt By Redacted Under The Tromp Administrationabout a man named Ron who teams up with a sentient “Redacted” bar to fight the evil Tromp administration and have a bunch of gay sex—to the ACLU. As he often does, Tingle announced the move on Facebook yesterday:


Following Tingle’s call to butt-pounding, liberty-loving action, Redacted In The Butt By Redacted Under The Tromp Administration shot to No. 1 on the “Suspense,” “Paranormal,” and “Thrillers”subsections of Amazon’s “Erotica” charts, and according to Tingle $461.10 was raised yesterday by the move. Way to prove love, buckaroos.

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