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David Lynch releases what are no doubt some damn good Twin Peaks beers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Twin Peaks: The Return ended with an existential cry of anguish, the voice of Laura Palmer echoing into the void of an uncertain but potentially eternal purgatory outside of time. Who wouldn’t want that sensation canned and provided to you in drinkable form?

David Lynch agrees. Which is why the director has collaborated with craft brewery Mikkeller to create a series of three Twin Peaks-themed beers, so that you too can experience the pleasure of entering a different reality, albeit this one shaped by your alcohol-addled mind. Log Lady Lager, Red Room Ale, and Damn Good Coffee Stout are launching this weekend, just in time for Lynch’s Festival Of Disruption taking place in Los Angeles.


Unfortunately, the beers will only be sold at Mikkeller outposts in California, meaning for most of us this product still remains a hazy dream, a half-remembered fantasy that slips in and out of our consciousness, as though crossing over between worlds only fleetingly to deliver ominous portents of a good beer you aren’t drinking. Instead, you’ll have to settle for looking at images of the cans and imagining the flavor. We’re envisioning distinct notes of soul-rattling uncertainty, and a full-bodied taste.