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Rick And Morty fans are known to be terrifyingly dedicated to their very good and perfect cartoon show, rioting at fast food restaurants to taste a dumb sauce that was once referenced on the show and sharing their totally normal and understandable sexual fantasies about main character Rick Sanchez. But do Rick And Morty fans love the show enough to attend a Deadmau5 concert just for a brief glimpse of their heroes? Sadly, they’ve already missed their chance, as Deadmau5 actually rang in the new year with an exclusive Rick And Morty clip at a show in California earlier this week.

This comes from ScreenCrush, which also shared a video of the brief sketch that was filmed by someone in the audience. Basically, Deadmau5 is in the middle of jamming some bleeps and boops when Rick and Morty appear on his cube thing via “VR,” explaining that they were trying to get to Disneyland—because Deadmau5 is a mouse like Mickey Mouse. Then a timer appears, with Rick believing it’s a giant bomb that Deadmau5 built, but it’s really just a New Year’s Eve countdown.

As far as anyone knows, this gag could be the only new bit of Rick And Morty we get in 2018, so the diehard fans should probably start savoring this.


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