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Errol Morris made a documentary about Steve Bannon

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Welcome to Development Hell, the fiery pit into which we fling recent developments in casting, distribution, and everything else that’s new and mildly interesting in the Boschian phantasmagoria of the entertainment industry.


It’s National Avocado Day, the time of the year when millennials emerge from their low-paying jobs to ritualistically sacrifice outdated concepts like buying a home, investing in the stock market, or voting for Republicans all in the name of their precious alligator pears. We can’t waste all day thinking about funny the name “alligator pears” is, though, because there’s actual pop culture news that needs to be reported on. So let’s do that!

  • Failed filmmaker and human-sized pile of spoiled milk Steve Bannon is apparently now the subject of a real film, as Errol Morris is bringing a documentary about Bannon—and Bannon himself—to the Venice Film Festival. It’s called American Dharma, and we don’t really know anything else about it. Maybe that’s for the best? [via Page Six]
  • It’s hard to determine how faithful a remake of a classic film should be, since making it too faithful or too radical can render it totally unnecessary, but Luca Guadagnino seems to be taking an interesting approach with his Suspiria remake. Apparently, it will be a full hour longer than Dario Argento’s 1977 original, coming in at 152 minutes. [via Indiewire]
  • HBO has given a series order to Euphoria, a teen-targeted drama starring Zendaya that now includes Drake as one of its executive producers. The show is about high school kids dealing with “drugs, sex, identity, trauma, social media, love, and friendship,” so it basically just sounds like Degrassi anyway. [via The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Simon Pegg has beamed up some details on the future of the Star Trek movies, saying that Star Trek 4 director S.J. Clarkson’s take on the series is “reverent” but “not slavish.” He also knows “vague” details, but he can’t talk about them. Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek movie, which we still can’t believe will ever happen, is apparently “five or six years” away and will most likely feature the current movie cast. [via /Film]
  • Ben Hardy, who is playing Queen drummer Roger Taylor in Bohemian Rhapsody in Michael Bay’s mysterious Netflix drama 6 Underground. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds and comes form Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, but that’s still all we know about it. [via Deadline]
  • Beau Bridges has joined the cast of Robbie, a Comedy Central pilot starring Rory Scovel as a “delusional small town Christian youth league basketball coach” who can never live up to his legendary basketball coach father (Bridges). It sounds weirdly simple for Comedy Central, but maybe there’s some absurd twist we don’t know yet. [via Deadline]
  • Diane Guerrero from Orange Is The New Black has joined DC Universe’s streaming series Doom Patrol as Crazy Jane, a woman with 64 distinct personas that each manifest with a different super power. We last heard that the series would be a spin-off of the “Fuck Batman” Titans, but it’s unclear if that’s true. [via Variety]
  • Jeff Wadlow, the director of Truth Or Dare, is now set to direct a Fantasy Island movie for Blumhouse. The original show was kind of dark, but since Blumhouse is primarily known as a horror studio, it seems likely that this will be a more explicitly frightening version of the old TV show. [via Variety]