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By all (his own) accounts, Donald Trump is a “really smart” man. In fact, he’s already so intelligent, he suggested at the outset of his presidency that his top officials could keep their daily intelligence reports to themselves, though he eventually relented when he learned he could ask for big pictures in place of all those words that, if they were the best, he would already know anyway. In fact, his unimpeachable intellect means he can skip half the reports and bills that end up on his desk, as well as dismiss any non-Fox & Friends news sources.

Trump’s knowledge is already so expansive that he can completely eschew books, like Michael Wolff’s explosive takedown of a sitting president. Oh, he’ll accept hearing about the book and its incendiary revelations from aides or advisers who might need his help grasping the material, resulting in cease-and-desist letters being sent out to schlubby former subordinates. But since he’s already taken in all the learning in the world by osmosis, he’ll just stick to the Gorilla Channel, or whatever it is he watches to keep his brain from overloading (from overuse, not computing errors). For example, there’s a new show based on a book titled Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House—hey, that’s his name!—that’s in early development.


Variety reports Endeavor Content has picked up the film and TV rights to the book, which is chock full of Trump officials’ assessments of his ginormous intelligence, as well as Steve Bannon’s thoughts on what’s so “treasonous” and “unpatriotic” about Trump’s elder son and son-in-law. No studio or talent is attached yet, but maybe, after learning that the book is about him, Trump will want to get involved. He used to be something of a TV big shot, you know.

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