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Florida college students gave Richard Spencer a crash course in trolling Nazi shitheads

(Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

White supremacist fist magnet Richard Spencer took another (verbal) pummeling last night, when he decided, inexplicably, to book himself to speak in front of a crowd of students at the University Of Florida. (Presumably, he figured that, since nobody wants him anywhere anyway, he might as well be unwanted in public.) The event was protested by students and faculty alike, with governor Rick Scott declaring a state of emergency to mobilize security guards and police onto the school’s Gainesville campus. (Not ill-advisedly, either; according to The Gainesville Sun, a white supremacist fired a gun at protesters who reportedly hit his car with a baton, after being treated to some drive-by shouts of “Heil Hitler” after the speech. Nobody appears to have been hurt in the incident.)


In any case, Spencer’s talk seems to have been fairly well-attended, but not by supporters; instead, the crowd of students appear to have been on hand specifically to start jeering him the second he tried to spread his message of a white ethno-state, and also that people should stop punching him all the time for spreading his message of a white ethno-state. Nobody physically attacked him (this time), but they did happily reminisce about his past ass kickings. One student, a self-described “beautiful brown woman,” brought the house down when she politely asked Spencer “How did it feel to get punched in the face?” and others straight-up asked him where such an ugly dude gets off preaching white supremacy. (No word on whether anyone also questioned Spencer about being dumped by his favorite band, Depeche Mode, but we can always hold out hope.)

[via Death And Taxes]


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