Photo: Getty Images

If you happened to catch President Trump’s speech in Phoenix last night, or any number of his previous speeches dating back to before the election, you may have noticed the ever-present “Blacks For Trump” guy conveniently placed within in the TV camera’s line of sight. While most people would disregard this man as either a paid actor or a walking enigma, this is your friendly reminder that he’s actually an unhinged conspiracy theorist and former cult member.

As reported by Death And Taxes, the “Blacks For Trump” guy prefers to go by the name Michael The Black Man and is a former member of the south Florida Yahweh Ben Yahweh cult, a religious separatist sect whose leader was convicted of conspiring to murder white people as an initiation rite. Since those early flirtations with extremism, Michael has committed his efforts to exposing secret Mormon Cherokees who are actually hidden Babylonians and, in fact, the real KKK slave masters. If you can believe it.


All these mind-boggling ramblings and more can be found at, the web address that appears on Michael’s “Trump & Republicans Are Not Racist” T-shirt. Actually, that address sends you to a semi-broken Geocities-esque webpage that redirects you to, a URL that clearly doth protest too much. So, let stories like this serve as a reminder that behind every great man shouting unhinged and dangerous rhetoric to a crowd of sweaty, agitated people, there is a different man who saves that kind of stuff for his shitty website.