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Further Adventures In Book Publishing

From Us Weekly:

Serial dater Jennifer Love Hewitt is writing a relationship advice book.

In "The Day I Shot Cupid" (to hit stores March 2010), the Ghost Whisperer star, 30, "reveals a surprisingly wicked sense of humor as she explores the new landscape of modern dating and offers up a wide range of practical tips, from text-flirting and IM-ing to what men and women really want, and how to start over after a breakup," according to a release.


A guide to modern dating by Jennifer Love Hewitt? Shouldn't it be called Love's My Middle Name? The Day I Shot Cupid makes it sound like a harrowing account of Hewitt's attempt to shoot a guest spot on ABC's Cupid. Still, it's about time someone tackled the way we date now. This topic is virtually unexplored—and it'll be great to hear about it from the perspective of an actress who, the publisher has to assure us is devilishly super-funny. You know, like she is on Ghost Whisperer. Or in Can't Hardly Wait.  Or on Party Of Five, where she perfected her look-at-scene-partner,-turn-head-to-look off-to-the-side,-look-back-at-scene-partner,-repeat, dramatic acting technique. Or in the video for her I Know What You Did Last Summer soundtrack contribution, "How Do I Deal?"

What practical text-flirting (tirting?) tips will she give besides "Make sure your phone/blackberry is on," and "Be sure to hit 'send'. That's how texts get sent!"? What does Jennifer Love Hewitt think women really want (besides dating advice books penned by CBS drama stars)? What happened the day she shot Cupid? March 2010 can't come soon enough.

Says Ellen Archer, president and publisher of Hyperion and VOICE, the company releasing the book: "We were instantly sold on Hewitt's sassy and irreverent take on modern love and felt that her own confidence would be inspirational to women of all ages."

Hewitt has plenty of dating experience.

She called off her engagement to Scottish actor Ross McCall in January. She's also been linked to John Mayer, Joey Lawrence and Carson Daly.

The actress has said she hopes to get engaged to her costar beau, Jamie Kennedy.

"By this time next year, if we're not planning something, then there's a situation," she said earlier this month.

Ooh, an ultimatum via an Us Weekly interview—sassy! Looks like Hewitt's already written the "How To Get Your New Man To Propose" chapter:

Step One: Tell Us Weekly he's in trouble if he doesn't propose to you within a year

Step Two: Write text-flirt (tirt!) to him saying, "Go read Us Weekly. Where's my ring? Hahaha. Srsly, tho where is it?"

Step Three: Hit 'send.' (This step is crucial, gals)

Step Four: Live happily ever after with your man, or start dating John Stamos or someone.