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New episodes of Futurama return this summer, and by the looks of things, there’s an awful lot of space-related wackiness going on, including: parodies of The Thing and E.T., spaceship drag races, Satanic rebooting rituals, some sort of Cobra Command planet, etc. But if you’re a fan of the show, no doubt all your enjoyment of these continued hijinks will come to a screeching halt with the sudden, split-second appearance of a certain dog whose certain years-long vigil for a certain owner created a certain abyss of unyielding sadness within you that can never be filled, even with your copious tears. Or what do we know? For those still traumatized by “Jurassic Bark,” perhaps this brief glimpse of Fry frolicking with his beloved Seymour again will have you looking forward to seeing happier times. And if it’s just a painful reminder, well, at least the workday is almost over, so it wouldn’t be too weird if you ran out crying.


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