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Gal Gadot to voice herself on The Simpsons

(Photo: Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic)

Gal Gadot has at least three more DC films on the horizon, including the Wonder Woman sequel that will reportedly take place during the Cold War. But apparently, she still has time to drop by Springfield, USA.


Gadot took to Twitter to announce she’s voicing herself on The Simpsons, sharing a video in which she signs Marge Simpson’s hair (on a poster). The episode, titled “Bart’s Not Dead,” will air in the fall as part of the show’s 29th season. She didn’t elaborate on the plot of the episode, but there’s a good chance that Homer will embark on a new career, or Bart will learn the true meaning of something, or Lisa will reveal another insecurity (or maybe take up a new instrument).

Showrunner Al Jean tweeted about the episode last October, when he tagged Lethal Weapon reboot stars Johnathan Fernandez and Kevin Rahm, so at least we know who Gadot’s co-stars are.

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