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Girl Most Likely

After the success of Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig seems intent on carving out a cinematic niche for herself playing women in the midst of a nervous breakdown—or, at least, that’s the impression given off by Girl Most Likely (formerly known as Imogene). As in Bridesmaids, Wiig's character is again stunted personally and professionally, a once-promising playwright who’s reduced to staging her own suicide to get the attention of her ex-boyfriend, and who’s then forced to move back in with her gambling addict mom (Annette Bening). If that all sounds pretty dark, it’s not exactly borne out by this trailer, which is heavy on pratfalls and Icona Pop-scored club scenes, and gives equal screentime to her mom’s goofy new boyfriend, played by Matt Dillon in There’s Something About Mary creep mode. (His name is George Bousche—get it?) There’s also a love story between Wiig and Glee’s Darren Criss that promises to make everything better, so maybe feel as sorry for Wiig’s Imogene as this preview seems to.


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