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Good baby is extremely ready for It

Photo: Brooke Palmer/Warner Bros.

The long-awaited new adaptation of Stephen King’s clown-terror classic It will finally be released a week from today, and analysts have predicted that it will be a pretty major late-summer hit. Stephen King has banned Trump from seeing it; the powerful clown lobby, pissed as they are about the film’s likely impact on their job prospects, is getting clown-only screenings for it. But what of the baby market? Are babies adequately stoked to see the return of Pennywise?

Here’s one who is:


A 17-year-old photographer dressed up his 3-year-old brother for a photo shoot that has since gone viral, imagining a gritty reboot in which the clown is a little kid, who would then presumably terrify… infants? Don’t think about it too much.

They’re rallying to use the shoot to get on Ellen, because of course they are, getting on Ellen is the single highest achievement of any viral sensation.


Here’s hoping that dream comes true and then they promptly stop dressing this kid up as a fucked-up clown. We do not need kids thinking clowning is okay.

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