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Earlier this year, fans of hapless delivery boys, cyclopean starship captains, and lovably sociopathic bending units got a nasty shock, when the first six seasons of Futurama—a long-time staple of Netflix’s roster of always-streaming shows—departed the service. (Sure, the episodes from the series’ Comedy Central run are still up, but sometimes you just want to watch “Luck Of The Fryrish” for the 700th time.) Now, we finally know where the wayward Planet Express crew has ended up this time: Syfy.

That’s per ComingSoon, which reports that the network has signed a non-exclusive deal to air all 140 episodes of Matt Groening and David X. Cohen’s sci-fi comedy series, including the show’s original Fox run, the episodes originally released as DVD movies, and the Comedy Central stuff. The old adventures will begin airing on November 11, starting with a full-series marathon that’ll see the show take up six hours of prime-time programming each night. Meanwhile, there’s no indication that this means the show is facing yet another unexpected resurrection, but if you’re desperate for more Futurama content, the show’s cast did reunite recently for an audio-only episode via Nerdist.


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