AVC: They play your music at Heinz Field, right? At Steelers games?

GG: When I heard that from someone, my initial reaction was that the Steelers must have been confused and thought it was the real version of some song they didn’t know the real version of. But then the week after I heard that, I went to a home game against the Carolina Panthers and it came on, and that was amazing. During the playoff games, I noticed that I could hear clips of my stuff on TV. Of course they played Wiz Khalifa’s “Black And Yellow” every single game, and it gets people psyched, but I think having my stuff played there is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

AVC: Do you know anyone who works with the Steelers? Have they been in touch with you?


GG: I have no contact with the Steelers. I did get a hookup with those tickets to that game from this new venue right across the street that just opened. I played the first show there, and they gave me the tickets as a present.

It’s weird to me that sports and music interact so much, as industries, but I guess it makes sense. They’re all in entertainment, really, so people know each other.


AVC: You’re a big basketball guy, right?

GG: Basketball’s probably my favorite sport, but this year I haven’t followed it so extremely, like I have in the past. In Pittsburgh there’s no professional team. I love the NBA, and the [Cleveland] Cavs, but it’s different. Like, that level of passion is different than what I feel for the Steelers. College hoops I like, though, like Pitt.


It has been an exciting year in the NBA, though, with that LeBron move.

AVC: As a Cavs guy, what’s your take on that?

GG: I wasn’t into it, obviously. I don’t want to say it was a bad move, but he just handled it really poorly and made himself into a villain somehow, whereas he’d been this beloved character. It was a bad move to make himself hated.


He didn’t owe the team anything, though, and it was time for him to move. It would have been an amazing story if the kid from Akron brought a championship to the Cavaliers; but at the same time, I have no problem with him going to another team. People do it all the time. It’s not the Jordan days where you get on one team and stick it out for your career.

I do root against the [Miami] Heat passionately, though. They’re the most fun team ever to hate. I wish LeBron was on the Cavs. I wish he’d stuck it out. It’s an exciting year, though, even though the Cavs are a bummer. It’s just fun to see who’s going to beat the Heat. I’m rooting for teams I don’t like because they can beat the Heat. I’ve never rooted for the Celtics, but I’m a closet fan this year because they can take the Heat down.


Also, I think I’ve seen half a Cavs game this year, because they’re just not televised anymore. That was one reason LeBron was good, because it was great for fans not from Cleveland, because they could see the team.

AVC: Whom do you like, other than the Cavs, this year?

GG: I love the Bulls, Derrick Rose. I think he’s having an MVP-level season, though I don’t think he’ll get that. I like the Oklahoma Thunder and Kevin Durant. I like the Clippers and Blake Griffin. He’s been exciting.


I like these mid-level teams. I typically don’t rock for the Celtics, Lakers, Spurs, or Mavericks, but when they match up against each other, I have my allegiances. My No. 1 most hated, though, is the Heat, then the Spurs, and then the Lakers. Anyone that can beat those teams, I’m definitely down for.

AVC: You mentioned Blake Griffin, who’s having a pretty good year. Do you buy into the hype about him?


GG: I haven’t seen him play that much, other than the highlights. He’s a beautiful dunker, and that’s something special. He has that way that he controls the ball near the rim and then throws it down. I like seeing a cool dunk, but I’m more into cool passes and ball handling. I’m still impressed by Griffin, though. He’s got a crazy number of highlights.

I think the Clippers will be good in a few years. They’re deep, and they’re going to grow. I like a number of players on that team, and the Lakers will have to decline eventually.

AVC: Cali Swag District played the rookie challenge at the NBA All-Star game this year; is that something you’d ever want to do?


GG: That’s cool. There are a million songs that come and go in the dance craze world, but “The Dougie” has stuck around so long. I think John Wall must have taken it over the edge.

I love the NBA All-Star game, but the halftime entertainment there can go many ways. It’s a big deal to do, but a lot of people miss it. I think Rihanna’s a pretty good pick for this year. She’s a heavy hitter. Lenny Kravitz, that’ll go over well. It’s important to have some songs that would be good on a Jock Jams compilation. Like, Kevin Rudolf from Young Money, he makes jock jams, but it’s just his regular, straight-up music. That’s a compliment, not a diss.


AVC: Last question—What’s your favorite jock jam of all time?

GG: Give me a second, because this is really important. [Mulls it over.] I think it’s 2 Unlimited, “Get Ready For This.” That’s the ultimate—the original. It’s the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” of jock jams. Like when you think of alternative music, you think of “Smells Like Teen Spirit;” when you think of jock jams, you might not know the band name, but you know that song and that keyboard riff.