Janemag.com pointed me to Fuse TV's (you know, the music network that falls just shy of VH1 Classics in terms of recognition) oddly hypnotic Pants Off Dance Off, a show that stirs every human emotion (except lust) so thoroughly that even the longest German word couldn't cover it. Anyway, here's a clip. (There's way more here .) Since the title is a bit baffling, let me explain a little. Pants Off Dance Off is a show where people take off their clothes while dancing to music. It is either the jagged claw that tears down the last remaining shred of human dignity, or a glimpse into a new hazy future ruled by stoners. You decide!

Also, in case you were wondering where they find the people who take their pants off, just sit back and think for a second. Where would you go if you were looking to videotape amateur strippers? Yep. Craigslist.