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HBO Max renews '70s feminism comedy Minx for a second season

Ophelia Lovibond and Jake Johnson will be making more magazines

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Jake Johnson and Ophelia Lovibond
Jake Johnson and Ophelia Lovibond
Photo: Katrina Marcinowski

Stop the presses! HBO Max has announced that its ‘70s-set comedy Minx will be back for a second season.

The show follows Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond), a writer who has always dreamed of making her own publication that will empower women. However, the only publisher willing to give her a shot is Doug (Jake Johnson), who believes in her ambitions, but not without a catch. Her articles will get printed—but they’ll be part of America’s first male pin-up magazine.


“[Doug]’s progressive but it’s because he deals with people on an individual basis,” Johnson previously told The A.V. Club. “He’s not a true great feminist or leader. He loves Tina [Idara Victor], who happens to be Black. He sees in Joyce a great idea for a magazine, and she just happens to be a woman. It makes him progressive but he’s just a grinder and a businessman. In doing this work, he falls into feminism.”

Even though the titular Minx comes wrapped in a brown paper bag instead of being displayed next to the New Yorker, Joyce is still proud of it–until she and Doug butt heads one too many times. Though their conflict gets resolved, there’ll be plenty to explore now that the magazine has shocked the nation.


“All of us at Minx have been blown away by the passionate response from audiences across the world, who have mashed-up, TikTok-ed and fanfic-ed us into a renewal” creator Ellen Rapoport says in a statement. “We are so grateful to our partners at HBO Max and Lionsgate for being true champions of the show, and for the opportunity to continue on this journey. Here’s to more chest hair, pussy bow blouses and tasteful nudes in [season two].”

Minx co-stars Jessica Lowe, Lennon Parham, Oscar Montoya, and Michael Angarano. The first season is now available on HBO Max.