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Hear a song, win an LP by the heavy, psychedelic band Comet Control

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The conundrum of the future—a thing we all hurtle toward but never actually arrive at—has confounded songwriters for decades. It’s also perfect fodder for psychedelic music, which is why Comet Control sounds so at home on “Future Forever.” The song, which is being debuted here, appears on the Canadian band’s upcoming, self-titled debut, and it’s a heavy, deceptively tuneful slab of psychedelia that surfs across the bluesy drone of The Black Angels and the melodic spaciousness of Swervedriver. Mostly, though, Comet Control seems content to let its riffs drift on the narcotic tides of time.

Comet Control will be released May 20 via Tee Pee. In addition, Comet Control is giving away five copies of its full-length debut on both CD and LP. To win, be one of the first 10 people to post a tweet that includes a link to this song debut plus the hashtag #CometControl.