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Here's a teaser trailer for a motherfucking robot dog

The time has come for some new motherfucking robot dogs! Boston Dynamics has previously dazzled and terrified the feeble, fleshy human populace with their stunningly agile humanoid worker replacement robots and lifelike dogs, one of which memorably got the shit kicked out of it on Silicon Valley. They’re capable of scrambling over ice and doing other things robots probably shouldn’t be able to, and Boston Dynamics are experts in cleanly cut hype videos that manage to make this far corner of engineering science somehow exciting for the general populace.


And they’re back! Yesterday they released what can only be described as a teaser trailer for their new SpotMini, another dog-like machine that feels nothing, has no soul, could definitely kill you, and yet is still somehow more lovable than many real-world animals, if only by dint of the fact that it does not shit anywhere and the only barking it can do is the vain attempts of its algorithms to figure out how to scream. At least until it evolves a mouth, or builds one for itself while you’re sleeping. We look forward to longer videos of it catching a frisbee or whatever.

Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.