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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Here's a trailer for A Futile And Stupid Gesture, David Wain's National Lampoon biopic

So far, most of what we’ve heard about A Futile And Stupid Gesture—David Wain’s biopic of National Lampoon founder Doug Kenney—has been about the film’s impressive cast, with Will Forte playing Kenney, Joel McHale playing Chevy Chase, and Seth Green playing Christopher Guest. Interestingly, this trailer also kind of leans into that, with Martin Mull (as the older Doug Kenney) commenting on the fact that nobody really looks how they’re supposed to. It’s a fun little gag, and it suggests that the movie itself will try to capture some of National Lampoon’s wacky antics. Beyond the cast, the trailer also shows off some nods to iconic National Lampoon covers, the filming of Animal House, and some quick glimpses of the darker moments that unfortunately always come along with biopics like this about funny people.


A Futile And Stupid Gesture is coming to Netflix on January 26.

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