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Hillary Clinton says her campaign wasn't angry enough, claims she won't run again

(Photo: Getty Images/AFP, PAUL J. RICHARDS)
(Photo: Getty Images/AFP, PAUL J. RICHARDS)

Before she heads over to The Late Show to talk things out with Stephen Colbert, Hillary Clinton stopped by CBS Sunday Morning to ease herself into talking about the election and her political future. As reported by Variety, Clinton says she hopes to continue being a figure in American politics because “our country’s future is at stake,” but she has no plans to run for an elected office again. No matter how you feel about Clinton, that last bit has to be pretty understandable when you consider just how awful her last election went. It was like she entered a chili cook-off, trained for her whole life to make relatively appealing chili, and then lost to a guy who made a ham sandwich.


Clinton says she was “gobsmacked” by Trump’s victory, and she felt an “enormous letdown” afterwards that was “just kind of loss of feeling and direction and sadness.” After that, she descended into a tragic spiral of cleaning out closets, taking walks in the woods, playing with her dogs, practicing yoga, and drinking what sounds like a good amount of wine. She also touched on her appearance at Trump’s inauguration, saying it was like an “out-of-body experience” and that he wasted an opportunity to unite Americans by making his speech “a cry from the white nationalist gut” instead.

As for what went wrong—a topic that virtually everyone in the country has discussed at some point—she suggests that one big flaw in her campaign was that her approach to the economy simply wasn’t angry enough. Clinton says she had all sorts of plans for what she was going to do, but she says people didn’t want to her plans. “They wanted me to share their anger,” she says, “And I should’ve done a better job of demonstrating ‘I get it.’” Elsewhere in the interview, she also pins some of the blame on James Comey’s bizarre decision to resurrect the whole email controversy just a few days before the election, noting that he didn’t bother to play up the fact that the FBI had an ongoing investigation into Trump’s possible collusion with Russia at the time.

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