Say what you will about Diddy (neé P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy, D. Pufflebag, Puffy Proactiv Solution), the man knows how to re-purpose. Years ago, when Biggie Smalls was killed, Diddy re-purposed a Police song about obsession and stalking ("Every Breath You Take") into a song about missing his friend and collaborator that was also very easy for Diddy to do his trademark shuffle-dance to ("I'll Be Missing You"). Over the weekend, at the Concert For Diana in London, Diddy found another purpose for "I'll Be Missing You": a tribute to Princess Diana. But instead of going the Elton John route and writing new lyrics about Diana ("Candle In The Wind 1997")for an old song ("Candle In The Wind"), Diddy just kept the old lyrics about Biggie and periodically shouted some stuff about Diana like, "So beautiful, so graceful, so…royal," to, you know, personalize the song:

I mean, a tribute is a tribute, right? Lyrics like, "Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show/ I laced the track, you locked the flow/ So far from hangin on the block for dough/ Notorious, they got to know that" are universal. Really, everyone should be memorialized with a 7-minute song that Diddy very specifically wrote about one particular person.