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Kristen Doute’s return signals an openness to bring old cast members back. Earlier today, fellow disgraced cast member Jax Taylor announced he would stop by Watch What Happens Live to talk Scandoval. It wouldn’t take much to see this and Kristen as a testing of the proverbial waters of bringing them back.


Bravo’s attempt at moralizing the cast has always been hollow. If it weren’t, Southern Charm, a show about rich white people getting drunk on a plantation, would’ve been canceled along with Kristen and Stassi. Their crimes remain disgusting, but let’s not pretend that the show hasn’t been celebrating and encouraging toxic behavior for over a decade; it’s practically in the job description. Andy Cohen and the rest of the powers at Bravo are letting the audience decide, floating the idea of bringing Kristen back without actually going to the full nine, at least, not yet. Maybe they think she’s learned her lesson, but more likely the promise of bringing an infamous agent of chaos back into the fray at this moment is too tempting to ignore.