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It’s been one long, dark ape-night since 2011, but—like Ape Stevens once sang—ape-morning has broken. Time to wake up to the Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, and smell whatever special blend of rainwater, chicory, and feces passes for coffee in this ape-ravaged world, as we rejoin the last dregs of humanity in their futile attempts to survive. As this first teaser for the Matt Reeves-directed sequel reveals, things have certainly taken a dark turn, even from a society that already let James Franco be a scientist. Our once-proud gas stations are crumbling. Our cities have gone completely bananas (to name just one monkey-related idiom no one laughs at anymore). Everything looks as though it smells like wet fur. But while Andy Serkis’ Caesar has the brute power of his well-honed ape army, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Jason Clarke and the rest of mankind still have the power of making rallying speeches—and also some machine guns. Yes, it may be ape-morning in America. But damned if we’re not gonna fight and claw our way to ape-afternoon.


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