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Jack White shares new single from new album that still doesn't have a release date

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Back in August, we reported that Jack White was recording a new solo album—his first since 2014's Lazaretto—in a very quiet manner that involved writing melodies in his head rather than making any loud noises. Now, White has officially announced the album, giving it the name Boarding House Reach and releasing a new single called “Connected By Love.” We still don’t know when the album will be released, but maybe he just wants to be quiet about that, too.

As for “Connected By Love,” it comes with a vaguely sci-fi-ish video about a big planet/moon thing appearing above the Earth, with various people responding to it in various ways while White himself has some kind of freakout in a motel room. You can order the single at this link.