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Jackass: Bad Grandpa

In what’s proving to be a very dangerous day for testicles, the trailer for the next Jackass film has premiered, suddenly dropped—along with its October 25 release date—like some sort of heavy thing on a comically sensitive part of the body. Although, from the looks of it, these aren't the usual S&M shenanigans: Bad Grandpa has a loose, Borat-like narrative that follows a heavily make-upped Johnny Knoxville in his "Irving Zisman" guise, taking his grandson on a cross-country road trip, and wreaking staged havoc in front of real, really pissed-off people. Beauty pageants are crashed, weddings and funerals are ruined, and the argument is made once again that, as a public safety concern, everyone should be euthanized after the age of 60.


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